Island Oasis

Welcome to Island Oasis!

Why join Island Oasis?

Island Oasis provides the ultimate three dimensional social media environment.

Talking and socializing with your friends has never been more exciting! Unlike many other social media platforms, Island Oasis offers a fully immersive three dimensional environment where you can not only talk to your friends, but you can interact with them and even talk to them on voice!  Also, if you like to be creative, explore, or try new things, there are a countless number of ways that you can do that here. Everything from gaming, roleplay, building environments from the past, present and future as well as building an online virtual world business that can earn you real world money!

Here is a list of some of the benefits enjoyed by Island Oasis residents...

  • Cash back stimulus payments... Whats This?
  • Inventory backups.
  • Region owner appreciation gifts.
  • Region owner stipends.
  • Self service region owner power tools.
    • Restarting your own region.
    • Saving multiple region backups.
    • Restoring your region backups.
    • Scheduling recurring region restarts.
  • No fees for partnering, groups, classifieds, uploads, imports, or taking in world pictures.

All of this and MUCH MORE awaits you in Island Oasis.

Registration is free so sign up and get started today!

Grid Status: ONLINE    220 Active Regions    10605 Residents    958 Unique Logins (Past 30 Days)