We believe that Island Oasis has something to offer everyone, but we also understand that not everyone can afford to purchase land right away before you're established OR maybe your the type of person that likes to try before you buy. This land givaway program is the perfect opportunity for you to get your feet wet here in IO completely free of charge.

Create your account on Island Oasis and claim your own island. The land parcels are 4,896 sq. meters and allow you up to 280 primitives.

To claim your land, grab a welcome folder from the kiosk at the Island Oasis welcome zone and use the provided landmark to get to the Islands home location. There are signs there with instructions and rules.

At that point you simply fly around (or use the world map) to find an unoccupied parcel and click the rental box. There is no charge for renting one of these islands; this is just for us to track which islands are occupied.

Set home on your new island and your good to go!

It's that simple!

Thank You and Welcome To Island Oasis!



  • 4,896 sq. meters
  • 280 prims
  • One Island Per Member
  • Only rezz on your island
  • No importing; do this at the sandbox.
  • No public nudity.
  • No security orbs
  • No tampering with others property.
  • No structures of any kind higher then 25m
  • Rental boxes Must be clicked once per week.
  • Residential Only.